About us

Founded in 2010 and boasting a continually growing team of more than 250 consultants, Alixio has quickly emerged as a key global consulting firm specialising in management, communications, social relations, and human resources.

With an expanding European network of subsidiaries and partners, we support our international clients by providing them with a wide range of personalized services, from strategic communication advice and planning, to turnaround management and outplacement.

Our loyal clientele includes private equity funds, public institutions, and prominent French and multinational corporations, including several Fortune 500, NYSE and CAC 40 companies. We successfully cater to their specific needs.


Our beliefs

Human and Social factors are the cornerstone of a successful transformation

In any and all transformation projects, we regard both human and social factors as the cornerstone upon which to build and facilitate implementation. Therefore, we are strongly

committed to integrating and adequately managing human and social factors and resources.

Alixio’s track record of expertise is largely derived from its experts’ detailed understanding of

human dynamics within organisations. We will work with you hand-in-hand to overcome any

challenges that may arise, and most importantly, to ensure a timely implementation that is within budget.


Our History

Organic growth & acquisition in fast-forward mode

2010 : Compared to others, Alixio is a youthful old pro : launched in 2010 by Raymond Soubie and his fellow founding partners, Alixio has achieved remarkable results and growth, and the goal is to turn it into a major player on the international market within the next three years.

2013 : In 2013, we created two subsidiaries: Alixio Revitalia, dedicated to territory regeneration and spin-off projects, and Alixio Executive Management, specialising in turnaround management.

2014 : Since purchasing Anveol (now called Alixio Mobilité) in 2014, a firm that specialises in

outplacement and career transition, Alixio has developed and maintains a competitive network, with local operations and partners in 60 cities throughout France.

2015 : The 2015 acquisition of Preventis, a company specialising in occupational health and safety, aligns with Alixio’s vision of sustained international development.


Our values

Alixio is a nexus of experienced professionals with depth, breadth and complimentary expertise, who share the same core values and can-do attitude


People & HR, Trust

We believe that people are the key to every successful change, as are Human Resources. They make the complex changes required throughout the organisation possible. We always put them in the forefront and support the best changes, in human terms.

Our business is built on trust and the quality of our interaction with clients. We believe that mutual confidence and personal commitment are the keys to meaningful professional relationships and sustainable success.


High Standards, Learning & Adaptation to Change, Knowledge Transfer and Co-creation, Realism

We work as a team, with oriented, constructive and challenging methods.

Your environment is constantly changing. We help you analyse the drivers of change and anticipate how transformation will impact all of your stakeholders. Our pledge is to help you negotiate the hurdles on the path to success — and to learn from the experience.

Alixio has developed a flexible set of tools and techniques with which to construct the analysis and planning process. We prefer a pragmatic, fact-based approach, adapting our methodological framework to real-life situations, rather than the other way around.


Tailored Customer Service, Outstanding Dedication and Commitment, Respect, Relevance

There are no ready-made solutions for managerial, organisational, and employment challenges.

The quality of our input directly correlates to how well we have listened to you and how accurately we have analysed your needs. Our top priority is to understand who you are, and what makes you different. We are committed to upholding your values and respect what you stand for.

We offer our resources to you and are dedicated to providing outstanding service, fine-tuned approaches and solutions, and enabling your success. Your success is a measure of our success.

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