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General conditions of use of the ALIXIO website

Last update: April 2021

Use of the website (hereinafter the “Site”) is governed by the present General Conditions of Use (hereinafter the “CGU”).

ALIXIO, a French simplified joint-stock company (“ALIXIO“), publishes electronic communication services publicly available online via all its websites, social media accounts and paper media. The detailed identification of the publisher of these services, the Publication Director, the hosting service and the designer of the ALIXIO website is specified in the Legal Notice section.

We recommend that you read the present GCU carefully before making any use of the Site. Use of the Site entails acceptance of the present GCU. If you do not agree with the content of the presents, you should cease to use the Site.




The GCU define the rights and obligations of the Site users (hereinafter, the “User” or the “Users”) when consulting and using the Site.

The Site contains information concerning the services proposed by ALIXIO (hereinafter, the “Services”) for use exclusively by groups and companies in performing projects for the transformation of their organisations with major social and human implications.

Site Users recognise that the consultation and use of the Site are governed exclusively by the GCU and that they must comply with them.


To the extent that the User accesses the Site and the Services and uses the Site and the Services professionally, it guarantees ALIXIO that it has all the necessary rights, authorisations and powers to accept the GCU on behalf of the User legal entity for which it uses or accesses the Site and the Services.



Any use of the Site implies the consultation and prior explicit acceptance of the GCU by the User. The applicable GCU are those in force on the day of the User’s navigation on the Site.



ALIXIO may decide to amend the GCU at any time, provided that it inform the Users of this as soon as the amendments come into effect by publishing the amendment on the Site.

When updating the GCU, ALIXIO will indicate the date of the latest update at the top of the present GCU. Any User who continues to access and/or use the Site and does not refuse the amendments after they have been published on the Site or announced by email thereby confirms that they agree with the new GCU and accept them unconditionally.



The Users agree to accept the present GCU and ensure they comply with them entirely during their use of the Site, and to respect the rights of third parties.

Where required, Users shall enter on the Site personal information and/or information concerning them (family name, first name, email address, telephone No., etc.), that is true, valid and up-to-date, and shall update it spontaneously with ALIXIO when necessary.

The Users are alone liable for the information provided by them.

The provision of false information could involve the liability of the User, in accordance with the laws and regulations in France.

ALIXIO reserves the right to take any measure to correct a failure by Users to comply with the GCU.

ALIXIO may not be held liable for any infringement of the presents by the User, notably in the event of infringement of third-party rights as a consequence.



ALIXIO is owner of the domain name corresponding to the Site.

The Site is an intellectual work protected by French law and the French Intellectual Property Code (“CPI”). The Site as a whole and all elements of the Site, whether visual or audio, including the underlying technology, are protected (as appropriate) by copyright, marks or patents, or else by the sui generis right of databases producers (no complete or partial extraction is authorised without the explicit prior written agreement of ALIXIO).

ALIXIO is owner or beneficial owner of the intellectual property rights pertaining to all the aforementioned elements. The right to use the Site, granted to the User, may in no case be understood as conferring on them any right of ownership of the Site or of any of its component parts. Any use of any component or part of the Site, the marks or logos belonging to ALIXIO, and any use of its intellectual property rights which is not explicitly authorised by the presents is strictly prohibited for the User and is liable to constitute a copyright infringement that could lead to criminal and/or civil legal action against the User.

In particular, the User is not authorised to modify, copy, distribute, frame, reproduce, republish, download, display, place online, transmit or create works derived from the elements contained on the Site, nor to circulate or communicate them to third parties (in particular on or by means of a third-party website) or else use them by any other means, except with the explicit prior written agreement of ALIXIO.



Any User who might want to place on a third-party website any link referring to a page of the Site shall mandatorily apply to ALIXIO for its explicit prior authorisation in writing.

Any link referring to the Site inserted by a User, even with ALIXIO’s authorisation, shall mandatorily be removed as soon as possible simply on ALIXIO’s request.

In order to facilitate access to other sites, ALIXIO has inserted a number of links to third-party sites. However, ALIXIO is not liable for the unavailability of the third-party sites, or for their content, advertising or other elements available on those sites. ALIXIO may therefore not be held liable for a third-party site to which the User might have had access.



ALIXIO makes its best efforts to:

(i) ensure satisfactory functioning of the Site;

(ii) protect Users’ personal data that it has collected, against any damage, loss, alteration, destruction, misappropriation, intrusion into data systems or any use of those data by unauthorised third parties.

Similarly, ALIXIO may not be held liable due to use of the Site by the Users, notably due to the publication of any unlawful content on the Site or in the event of an infringement of third-party rights by the Users.

ALIXIO’s liability relating to the Services accessed by a User is governed by ALIXIO’s Terms of Use, to which the User should refer where applicable.



ALIXIO makes its best efforts to ensure the availability of the Site round-the-clock seven days a week (24/24 7/7), without interruption, whether scheduled or not, for purposes of maintenance or cases of force majeure. However, ALIXIO cannot guarantee control of all the risks inherent in internet support and it may not be held liable for any incident or damage inherent in use of the internet network, in particular any hacking or the presence of computer viruses. ALIXIO cannot guarantee that the Site and the Services will be free of anomalies, errors or bugs, nor that the Site and the Services will operate without a failure or interruption. In this regard ALIXIO may freely determine any period of unavailability of the Site and the Services, for technical reasons, for the improvement of their content or for optimisation of their use.

Each User recognises and explicitly accepts the fact that ALIXIO will accept no responsibility toward them for any unavailability, suspension or interruption of the Site.

Moreover, by accessing the Site and the Services, the User guarantees that they have the skills, hardware and software required to use the internet and are acquainted with and accept responsibility on a fully informed basis for the characteristics of the internet and its use, in particular limitations due to technical performance, response times and the risks related to communications security.

Each User undertakes to inform ALIXIO immediately of any fact or behaviour that might seem to it likely to entail the suspension, disruption or complete or partial interruption of accessibility to the Site or the Services proposed to the Users.




In the event of failure by the User to comply with all or part of the GCU, the User is informed that ALIXIO reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to interrupt or suspend their access to the Site temporarily or permanently.



ALIXIO undertakes to respect Users’ personal data by complying strictly with European Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter the “GDPR”) and the applicable French regulations regarding personal data protection. The details of the policy concerning collection, processing and protection of the Users’ personal data appear in ALIXIO’s Personal Data Protection Policy which can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Personal Data Protection Policy



ALIXIO shall not be liable for the complete or partial failure to perform its obligations if said failure is caused by an event constituting force majeure.



The present GCU shall be governed by French law.


In the event of a dispute concerning the presents, the parties shall endeavour to reach an out-of-court settlement.

If this fails, they shall submit their dispute to the competent French courts in the jurisdiction of ALIXIO’s registered office, including in cases of urgent procedure (notably summary proceedings), plurality of defendants, impleader or injunction to pay, barring public measures to the contrary.



For any question, request or claim concerning the Site or the Services proposed on the Site, the User may contact ALIXIO by means of the following contact data, effectively and easily accessible: – Address, 137, rue de l’Université, 75007 Paris, France; – Contact email: