Beyond the technical and financial aspects, mergers and acquisitions are major events in the life of corporations,because these operations and their resulting changes alter the daily rhythms of the women and men who work there.

Alixio will support you throughout the social process and your organisation’s change management, including acquisition strategy, data room, social procedure, identification of HR synergies, etc.

We reunite and preserve the link between all internal and external stakeholders including employees, unions, public authorities, elected representatives, etc., and also ensure the project’s consistency and social feasibility.

As part of a merger between two large international players in the telephony market, we brought the teams together and worked with them to harmonise the social policy and to develop positive, harmonious communication.

By giving substance to a project built together and based on shared values, we were able to create the objectives of a strong, broad commitment.

Alixio guides and supports restructuring projects with strong human resource challenges (reorganisation, site closure, disposal of assets, etc.) through the entire preparation and implementation process.

This involves risk and feasibility analysis, social strategy, drafting legal documents, internal and external communications, consideration of human impacts, mitigating risks and collateral damage, searching forbuyers, project management, supporting teams in the field,and revitalising the labour pools.

Working on the shutdown of an industrial site in Brittany, we provided comprehensive direction, guidance, and support and managed to secure the legal procedure, ensured its acceptance by local and national authorities, trained the local managers to help them communicate with their teams, identified potential buyers for the site, and supported and optimized employees’ redeployment within the local job market.

Alixio Mobilité implements, pilots and deploys Career transition programs, assists with the mobility and collective support for return to work: information and advice space and employment support teams to assist with voluntary early retirement, managing internal mobility and skills, outsourcing and management of training budgets.

Alixio works with the public authorities to design and implement career transition and training programs for employees made redundant or those facing a career change.

Each year, Alixio Mobilité helps more than 40.000 employees in their career development or reclassification, collective and individual outplacement, and transition programs.

We are convinced that quality social dialogue (itself deeply engrained in the French social culture) contributes to adherence to change, to increased organizational efficiency and performance, and helps to accelerate the implementation of these changes.

Alixio intervenes particularly with unions and social relations leaders in co-creating a new corporate dynamic from targeted diagnostics and comparative analyses,facilitating social agreements, deflating tensions, and by assisting with labour negotiations geared specifically to improve competitiveness.

We have a long-term vision to build trusting relationships and to optimise changes.

Alixio has worked on a collective bargaining agreement to increase flexibility and decrease labour costs has helped restore the competitiveness of an automotive equipment manufacturer.

Our added value: proven negotiation strategies, quality mentoring, and successful mediation.

Specialised in managing complex situations, whatever the challenge (disposal of cash or assets, new business plans,etc.) Alixio Executive Management’s highly experienced teams work to re-establish companies while respecting internal and market constraints. Whatever the chosen strategy, we constantly strive for results.

For companies facing complex situations and managing turnaround (sales of assets, cash crises, new business plans, etc.), Alixio Executive Management provides management solutions to help them overcome their challenges.

Alixio Executive Management has successfully managed the financial and social restructuring as well as the sale of France’s largest tableware company.

Alixio guides, advises, builds and deploys leadership development paths and shares collaborative best practices: individual and team coaching, personalized training, co-development groups, and communication support. These programs are designed especially to manage sensitive situations.

Alixio’s expertise also applies to managing post-change HR policy, to identify and support high potentials, foster relaxed collaboration, getting teams to work to their fullpotential and sustaining their performance.

Alixio designed and implemented a worldwide development program for General Managers in order to support a seamless, sustainable transformation of one of the leading pharmaceutical companies.

Leading change is about making the company and the social framework sustainably more agile and flexible whendealing with the market’s complexity and rapid evolution.

By bringing a fresh perspective, coupled with a rare expertise and relationships as diverse as they are complementary, Alixio challenges the organisational and operational structures to co-construct and deploy personalised change management tools, both in France and internationally.

Through business environment diagnosis, change strategy, deployment operational support, PMO, workprocess optimisation, governance, mobilisation and communication tools, Alixio studies and provides the means to understand its clients’ ecosystems in order to derive the best possible diagnosis and to properly support the implementation of a suitable approach.

(As the economic environment grows ever more complexand more difficult to control, organisations need to rapidlyand continually evolve. We help them become more agile and more responsive in order to face these trends.)

Alixio currently manages the economic transformation and organisational change model of one of the leading European airlines, both at the management level andin the field.

Because the key to growth and performance is finding the right match between employees’ potential and your talent development and management policy, Alixio Talents assists your executives and leaders in their professional development and career progression, including evaluation, assessment and development, 360° feedback, individual coaching, team coaching, leadership development, professional assessments and transition coaching.

We provide a wide range of services to identify, secure, and develop talents and key competencies, from individual coaching, knowledge assessment or transfer, and outplacement.